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Packaging Advice

  1. Packing advice and guidance

    Packing advice and guidance Choose the right packaging for your items. Boxes made of corrug... (read more)

  2. Can I send a suitcase with

    Too much baggage? You can send your suitcasewith Parcel2Go. Whilst items inside your suitcase ... (read more)

  3. Is the driver able to package my parcel?

    The driver is not able to package your parcel. Whether you purchase a drop-off or a collection... (read more)

  4. My collection was refused because the packaging was not suitable, what should I do?

    If the driver refused your parcel due to incorrect packaging then you would need to re-package th... (read more)

  5. How should I prepare a pallet of bricks and tiles?

    There are strict guide lines concerning the collection of bricks, tiles and other heavier goods. ... (read more)

  6. What is a Pallet?

    A pallet is a flat transportable structure made generally from wood, occasionally plastic, design... (read more)