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  1. I am unable to print a label. Which service can I use?

    There are some services available which do not require a printer.For UK services, we recommend us... (read more)

  2. I have already placed an order. Where can I find my label?

  3. I have already placed an order but cannot print my label. What can I do?

    Printer Not WorkingPlease check if there is an error on your label. The message on your label sho... (read more)

  4. There is an error on my label. How can I fix this?

    To amend any details on your label or if the PDF file has an error message on the label when you ... (read more)

  5. What documents do I need to send outside of the EU?

    All items travelling outside the EU require commercial invoices. There's no need to worry, as the... (read more)

  6. Can I use a thermal printer to print my label?

    We are able to send labels which are sized in a format perfect for thermal printers.To request th... (read more)