Why might I need a returns label?

Adding a returns label to your parcel allows you to offer free returns to your delivery, which is a cornerstone of online retail customer service.

Picture this.

Imagine you’re an online seller who specialises in tailor-made leather jackets. One day, someone purchases one of your jackets from your online shop. After receiving payment, you send the jacket to its buyer.

But a few days later, the buyer contacts you saying that the jacket doesn’t really fit, and would like to return it.

Without a returns label, you’re left with two unpleasant options:

  1. The buyer would have to arrange for the return delivery themselves (which could hurt your online reviews), or;
  2. You (the sender) would have to schedule the return delivery manually, which is very time-consuming if you’re sending a lot of items, not to mention costly.

Not pretty.


Now imagine you’ve sent to the same buyer, but this time you included a returns label.

All the buyer has to do now is repackage the jacket and attach the included returns label to the parcel. Then they can simply drop it off at their nearest ParcelShop.

It’s much easier and cheaper for everyone involved.

In short, adding a returns label to your order allows you to advertise a strong returns policy online. That means customers purchase with less risk, which could lead to more purchases and better reviews.

An easy, affordable way to bolster your online business — it’s a no-brainer.