Opening An eBay Account

As one of the most popular online commerce sites around, eBay has hundreds of millions of registered users and there are millions of items listed on the website at any given time. It's not hard to see, then, why so many people are tempted to get in on the action. Not only is eBay handy for picking up bargains and rare items, but it's also a great place to make some money by selling goods and services.

Creating an eBay account

Before you can get started, though, you need to set up your eBay account. Setting up a new eBay account is simple - so here's how to do it.

Open An eBay Account
  • On the eBay homepage, click the 'register or sign in' link. From there, you can start the registration process. It's worth noting that you'll still be able to browse through the various items on sale without registering or signing in, but you won't be able to bid for items or sell items of your own.
  • When registering, you'll be asked to provide your name, email address and a password for your account. Make sure that the email address you enter is current and that your password is a secure one, so that the security of your account isn't compromised.
  • Once you submit your account information and agree to eBay's privacy policy, you'll be provided with a unique user ID by eBay. Other eBay users will see your user ID when they interact with your account, whether selling items to you or buying them from you. You can change the username if you feel the need to.
  • In order to buy and sell on eBay, you'll need to provide the appropriate payment information - eBay recommends that you use PayPal.
  • If you want to set up a seller account, then you'll need to specify an automatic payment method for paying your seller fees and any refunds. In addition, eBay recommends that you specify what payment methods you'll accept from buyers, and get PayPal verified.

What you need to consider when selling

If you're thinking about selling items via eBay, then you'll need to carry out a spot of research and familiarise yourself with the relevant rules. Look at how other people are listing and categorising the items they're trying to sell. In particular, you should look at starting prices to help you work out how much you should be asking for your own items. This should all help you work out how to woo potential buyers.