eBay Free Listings

It's not hard to see why so many people are choosing to sell items on eBay. The site has now firmly established itself as one of the world's most popular e-commerce portals, with hundreds of millions of registered users. Whatever you're looking to sell, it's hard to think of anywhere with a wider reach than eBay.

Obviously, you'll need to list the items you want to sell. eBay grants its users a certain number of free listings each month - but only a limited number, so it's important to make good use of each eBay free listing. Here's what you need to know about eBay's free listings, and how to get the most out of them.

Free listings quota

Each month, eBay users are given an allowance of 20 free listings. Whether or not this is sufficient depends, of course, on how much you want to sell. If you're looking to run a business via eBay selling your own products, then you'll certainly need more than 20 listings. However, if you only intend to use eBay to sell bits and pieces every now and again, you might find that this quota is sufficient for your needs.

You can use your free listings to list items in any eBay category except for motors and classifieds. You can also use your free listings for auction and Buy it Now sales, and you're also free to set any starting price. Once you've used up your free listings quota, however, any additional listings will cost 35p each - although this might not sound like much to begin with, it can soon mount up. You can, therefore, obtain more free listings by signing up for eBay's Basic Shop subscription package.

In addition, eBay also regularly has 'free listing weekends'. Any items listed on free listing weekends don't count towards your monthly quota of 20 free listings.

Making good use of your free listings

If you're planning to sell items on eBay but you don't want to pay to list them, you'll need to ensure that you don't squander your allowance of free listings. Make sure you keep your listings concise and clear - they need to be detailed, but not excessively so. However, a certain level of detail can make it easier for potential buyers to find your item. You should also make sure you specify the condition of the item - without this information, eBay users may be reluctant to purchase it.