How Each Scenario Will Impact Parcel Delivery

Deal, No Deal, Extension: What to Expect in Each Eventuality

Parcel2Go will ensure that on November 1st, any of our customers wishing to ship to destinations within the European Union can continue to do so, regardless of the political outcome.

As we approach the end of the current Brexit negotiation period between the UK and the EU, there are three potential scenarios that may unfold. Each will affect parcel sending and delivery in different ways.


We've prepared this guide to outline what each outcome means and how it could affect you.

No Deal


What Does it Mean?

This outcome means that Britain leaves the European Union without any trade agreements in place. This will add several steps to the process of shipping goods to EU destinations. Each step is described in detail below:

1. VAT Implications

In a No Deal scenario, consumers and businesses will no longer need to pay VAT on the shipping cost for any of their goods sent to the EU.

What Do I Need to Know?

  • VAT will not be charged by Parcel2Go, however customs charges may still be applicable. These could include local VAT charges. 
  • As the sender, you will be responsible for the payment of any customs and Local VAT charges. This is the same process as shipping parcels to Non-EU destinations today. Find out more about VAT implications at a national level here.

2. Customs Clearance and Commercial Invoices

As a current member of the EU, the UK benefits from access to the Customs Union, which allows goods to be shipped freely, without any lengthy inspections from local customs authorities.

  • If you are sending goods to the EU, you will be required to complete a 'Customs Details' form before finalising your booking. The information provided in the form will be used to generate your Commercial Invoice.
  • Once booked, you will need to attach your Commercial Invoice to your order. This will be provided by Parcel2Go, along with your labels.

3. Trade Tariff Codes, HS and Commodity Codes

Tariff Codes, such as the Harmonised System (HS) Codes, are used in international trade to identify goods.

From the 1st of November, you will be required to provide a HS code (or equivalent) for the item(s) you are shipping via Parcel2Go. To make this transition as straightforward as possible for you, we have built a lookup system to simplify the process.


What Do I Need to Know?

  • Depending on the item being shipped, our website will provide a suggested HS Code for you to enter. If you are not happy with the code our system suggests, you can browse the full catalogue of options to find a more appropriate code for the item you're shipping.
  • Parcel2Go will support 6, 8 and 10 digit HS Codes.


Deal or Extension

What Does it Mean?

If the UK extends Article 50 - or - agrees a deal with the EU before October 31st, nothing will change for Parcel2Go customers.

In this scenario, you can ship parcels to the EU in the exact same way you do today.

  • In the event of a deal being reached at a later date, the rules governing parcel delivery between the UK and the EU may change based on the nature of the agreement.
  • At that time, we will provide a further update on this page.