Used buggy sells for £325 on eBay

A used buggy that was put up for auction on eBay by a father who jokingly claimed it ruined his ‘happy, carefree life’ has sold for £325.

Joel Andresier, 39 from Southampton listed the buggy online as he no longer needs it now that his three children can walk. Originally, the highest bid for the buggy was £154,000 but the seller reset the price as he feared that the bidder would not pay.

The green, three wheeled buggy received over 6 pages of queries and exceeded the number allowed on eBay.

Mr Andresier said: “Looks like I have hit the eBay limit for shared responses to all your wonderful questions. It doesn’t look like the last 50 or so replies today have been added to the listing. Sorry people – looks like you have broken eBay.”

Mr Andresier said that the money he receives for the buggy will go towards helping him recover from his three children. 

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