Online retail surpasses in-store shopping

A Conlumino study commissioned by Webloyalty surveyed 2,068 shoppers in January 2015 to find that 87 per cent now conduct their shopping online – compared to 78.3 per cent who shop at brick-and-mortar stores.

Additionally, the study revealed that the typical UK digital shopper spent 225 minutes a week (approximately four hours) shopping online, visiting on average 16.4 retail sites within that duration. Statistics showed that UK customers saved £32m in petrol simply by shopping online compared to driving to the shop – a distance totalling 198.2m miles a week (with this figure calculated on a petrol price of £1.08 a litre).

Guy Chiswick, managing director for Webloyalty Northern Europe, explained: “With consumers more attracted than ever to the convenience of online shopping, retailers need to ensure that they have an attractive and convenient presence online to improve revenue. The fact that the value of connected devices has doubled in the last decade is a testament to this, and it will only continue to rise with the improvement of technology in the future. Retailers need to be prepared to provide powerful apps and tools to aid the future consumer.”

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