Online book shopping exceeds in-store sales for first time ever

Last year, sales of printed titles and books reached £2.2bn – an increase of 4 per cent from 2013.

Ebooks made up 30 per cent of book units bought last year, with the fastest growth deriving from children’s and non-fiction categories. Meanwhile 56 per cent of the 36,000 book buyers in the Nielsen Books & Consumers UK Survey were tablet owners by the end of 2014, an increase from 41 per cent in 2013, where just 25 per cent admitted to owning an e-reader.

Steve Bohme, Nielsen Book’s UK Consumer Research Director, explained: “In 2014, we saw an increasing number of readers engaging with digital reading and media, but the proportion of book buyers reading printed books, newspapers and magazines has stayed level over the last three years. While digital helped grow a number of key market sectors, there was lower spending in 2014 than 2013 on genres such as crime, romance, historical fiction, annuals, cookery, health/fitness and travel.”

Image credit: Caracarafoto, iStock, Thinkstock 

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