New online start up is competition for high street retailers

Adam Black, founder of Button and Sprung, a bed and mattress company expects that sales on the website will now reach £1million with a 90 per cent conversion rate from show room to buyer. The company makes its own mattresses in a factory in Yorkshire and does not promote discounts on the website. 

Speaking of the site, Adam said: “There’s no pressure to make a decision because it will be the same tomorrow or in six months’ time. Shoppers are finding us online, they like what we’re doing, so they come to the showroom in West London from as far afield as Manchester.”

Adam said that people prefer shopping online because there is no risk of missing a deal with the constantly changing prices that high street shops offer.

He added: “The process of buying a mattress in the UK is horrid. You go into a showroom with four or five brands on display, it’s riddled with promotions and there is a commissioned salesperson driving you in a certain direction whatever you say you’re looking for.”

The website offers free delivery and a 10 year guarantee on its products. 

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