Luton Town manager’s desk up for auction on eBay

According to the club, the desk had become “surplus to requirements” following refurbishments. The desk was in use during the “golden days” of the 1980s back when David Pleat was the manager, said a spokesman.

“When you think of the managers who’ve sat behind it, the players who’ve signed contracts on it – it’s unique,” Ed Smith explained.

The potential ownership of the “executive desk”, which measures at over 2m (6ft 7ins) long and comes with a leather writing surface, was described as a “rare opportunity” by the club.

“Putting it up for sale is a bit of fun and we’re sure someone will find a good home for it,” Smith added.

It’s hoped that the desk will fetch “a few hundred pounds” on eBay, with money from the sale to be invested in the club’s projects.  

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