Is the web changing our identity?


A cow saying meow, having an identity crisisHow do you see yourself? Friendly and popular? Or aloof, and private?

A new report intended for one of the Governments chief scientists has revealed that our internet is changing the way we identify ourselves, both personally and when we interact with our peers.

It suggests that rather than identifying ourselves using traditional markers such as religion, ethnicity, or income, young people are now increasingly likely to identify themselves via their political views, online persona or community membership.

The report also suggests that this trend is set to accelerate over the next ten years, with profound changes to society occurring over this time frame.

Have you found this to be true? Has your sense of self changed since you started engaging on Facebook?

The study came from the UK governments Science foresight program and was intended for insights into how technological change may directly affect the fabric of the society that we live in.

And this is not the only report to make similar news this month.

The US’s National Intelligence Council has just published its Global Trends report in which it attempts to predict how technology and changing political and environmental realities will impact on global trends over the next 30 years, predicting major changes and shakeups from all sorts of different directions.

So what do you think?

Do you think the internet can massively impact how we view ourselves and others?



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