New Report Shows Importance of Online Reviews

The importance of online reviews has been highlighted in a recently released report by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA).

According to the report, “customers that use online reviews appear to trust them and they appear to be an important source of information for consumers’ buying decisions”. The findings estimated that 54% of adults in the UK read online reviews before making a purchase, with 6% of them turning to blogs or vlogs (video blogs) first, with the report stating that “as with reviews, consumers who have bought an item after seeing it in a blog or vlog tend to trust the opinions of the blogger or vlogger”.

Senior Director Consumer at CMA Nisha Arora commented on the findings: “Millions of people look at online reviews and endorsements before making decisions such as where to stay on holiday, or which plumber to use. We have found that consumers who use online reviews and endorsements find them valuable.”

However, the research found that misleading practices were also taking place when it came to online reviews, including negative reviews not being published, fake testimonials posted on review websites and payment for blog endorsements where this was not made clear to the reader.

Online reviews have proven to be incredibly important to all industries, including parcel delivery businesses, where it is essential for consumers to compare the reputations of the different companies to ensure the parcel will arrive in perfect condition. Rather than settling for the first service, consumers are turning to reviews, comparison sites and the opinions of others before deciding whether or not to choose a particular service.

Robert Mead, Marketing Manager at, believes the report shows just how important it is for companies to focus on their clients: “Good customer service is essential if a company is to gain positive reviews online. For a parcel delivery company, it is about exceeding the customer’s expectations when it comes to delivering that parcel, making sure it isn’t damaged or delayed, and informing them of its progress.

“By delivering to the customer 100% of the time, a company will increase their chances of having genuine positive reviews online, which in turn will result in more new customers selecting their services.”

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