How much do you trust your neighbours?

As the famous Australian soap says – everybody needs good neighbours! But what kind of relationship do you have with your neighbours? Some of us never see or hear a peep from them, yet others are firm friends and invite each other round for a cuppa.

Here at Parcel2Go, we wondered about the relationships between people and their neighbours, and whether our customers felt comfortable entrusting next door with their parcel deliveries…

Our ‘Trustworthy Neighbour’ Survey

It’s just a fact of life that we’re not always available when a parcel is delivered for us. If we’re not at home when the postman arrives, it often means we have to go through the hassle of arranging redelivery or picking it up from a local depot – along with juggling the kids, work, and general life!

But often, parcels are left with neighbours if you’re not in to accept them. In theory, this is much more convenient. But do you actually trust your neighbours with your parcels and their contents?

We thought we’d do a survey to find out, asking members of the UK public how much trust they’d put in their neighbours. Read on to see the results…

Would You Accept a Parcel?

According to our survey, 29% of people said they wouldn’t feel comfortable accepting a parcel on behalf of their neighbours. This percentage was lower amongst millennials, who seemed more willing to do this favour for the people next-door.

So why is this - is it because they don’t want any blame to fall on them for a damaged product? Or maybe they don’t want to have an awkward interaction with someone they don’t know.

Well, the latter does seem to be one of the issues that put people off. 20% of the people we surveyed said that they definitely wouldn’t accept a parcel for a neighbour if they hadn’t spoken to them before. However, on the bright side, that does leave 80% of kind neighbours who are willing to look after packages for you!

Would You Redirect a Parcel to a Neighbour?

When we asked our respondents if they’d feel comfortable redirecting a parcel to their neighbours to collect later, the majority of people said yes! However, there was still 31% of people who said they preferred not to do this.

What’s the Value of your Neighbourly Trust?

We thought we’d take our survey a step further for those amongst the people who were happy to leave their parcels with a trusted neighbour. We decided to find out what the value of the contents of the parcel would have to be before you’d start feeling reluctant to leave them…

Let’s see how much people trusted their neighbours when the monetary value of the parcel’s contents came into the equation:

  • 40% of people would trust their neighbour with a parcel with a value of over £100
  • 23% would trust their neighbours with a product costing up to £100
  • £50 was the value limit for 17% of people

From these results, it seems that many of us have clear limits to our trust… Up to £100 to put a value on it!

What Do Our Results Tell Us?

People seemed to be more trusting than we first expected when we took a closer look at our survey results. 80% of people showed kindness towards neighbours they hadn’t even met before, saying they’d be happy to accept parcels for them.

Plus, 40% of people we asked said that they trusted their neighbours so much that they wouldn’t bat an eyelid about leaving a parcel with them, even if the contents were over £100!

Next time you know you’ll miss the arrival of a long-awaited parcel, put some trust in your neighbours to keep it safe for you. Plus, do the same for them and be a good neighbour if the shoe is on the other foot. Doing this favour for your neighbours could help you turn delivery hassles into a delivery dream!

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