Boxing Day Shopping Guide

Guide to Shopping on Boxing Day

Much like the American shopping tradition of Black Friday, the UK celebrates Boxing Day as an equivalent. Typically, these sales last for over a week, making sure shoppers can relish in the price reductions that many stores have to offer. For many retailers it's a great way to clear out the Christmas stock and for those savvy shoppers to stock up on loads of discounted items.

We’ve put together some top tips whilst shopping in the sales:

Make a list

We can all get a little bit too excited over a bargain and buy on a whim when we really don’t need to make a rash purchase.

Making a list of things you actually NEED to buy rather than WANT is a great way to ensure that you don’t get drawn into buying something you really don’t need.

Plan your trip

There is nothing worse than driving to a car park and finding it closed or your bus/train is operating on a reduced festive schedule.

On public bank holidays like Boxing Day this is more likely to happen! Check road closures, car park closures and that public transport is running a few days before your trip.

Fuel up

Eating before a shopping trip is a definite must - you will need all the energy to trawl through sale racks. Eating a big breakfast or lunch is important and it does mean you don’t waste precious shopping time finding somewhere to eat. An added bonus is that less money on food equals more money on shopping!

It might also be wise to take extra drinks or small snacks to eat/drink whilst you shop.

Shop online

With more and more people turning to online shopping every year a lot of stores will start their sales a day or so earlier than Boxing Day. This can be a great way to grab a bargain before everyone else and of course avoid the rush of consumers descending upon stores.

Check out our guide on Buying Online here for more tips.


If you are planning on making a larger purchase - such as electrical goods - it is a good idea to do a price comparison across various stores. Some stores will even pre-release their discounts a few days in advance so it's also good practice to compare these deals across a variety of stores to ensure you are getting the best deal.


Make a budget and stick to it

After Christmas we’re all feeling a bit strapped for cash so making a budget for Boxing Day Sales is a great way to ensure you don’t overspend. After buying lots of gifts for family and friends it is nice to treat yourself, so setting aside a little bit of money every month will ensure you have some spare cash after Xmas to treat yourself.

Setting a budget of what you want to spend also means you don’t go totally overboard spending and you’re still able to live comfortably for the remainder of the month.


Dress light

If you are planning a trip to a local high street or shopping centre, it is worthwhile dressing in layers or dressing light. With so many people shopping it can get very warm and not all shops have powerful enough air con to cope with the amount of people shopping.

Make sure you take a drink to stay hydrated whilst shopping.


Check the returns process

A lot of sale items will be exchange only and are not eligible for a return. Before making a purchase check the returns process, if you aren’t 100% sure the item is right for you don’t make a rash purchase as you may not get your money back.


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