Free delivery tops list of priorities amongst online shoppers

Approximately 57 per cent of consumers questioned in the Retail 2015 report from Retail Week and Kurt Salmon explained that free delivery was the most important aspect when shopping online for clothes. When it came to next day delivery, 30 per cent highlighted this as a significant factor while 26 per cent preferred speedier delivery times of 24 hours or less.

Additionally, the report surveyed 25 of the UK’s leading retail chief execs, who said that investment in mobile and omnichannel retail was their top priority for 2015.

“Whether it’s about same-day delivery, next-day delivery, evening delivery, overseas delivery, you’ve got to offer what the customer wants and expects,” stated one COO.

Helen Mountney, MD, UK & Ireland, Kurt Salmon, said: “The challenge retailers have is to arrive at the best delivery solution, which meets customers’ needs but is also commercially viable.

“To achieve this, they must really know their customers. For example, for an up-market fashion retailer, speed of delivery may be key, and in that situation customers may be prepared to pay to for a ‘must have’ item to be delivered on the same day.”

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