eBay Trials New Delivery Feedback Feature

Online auction giant eBay has been trialling a new addition to its feedback page, which requires buyers to evaluate the delivery of their order.

The brand new feature, which will reportedly be rolled out to all buyers, allows customers to state whether the order arrived on time or not. A specific estimated parcel delivery date or time window will be given, with the option to select ‘yes’ or ‘no’ in response.

Unlike high street stores and large online retailers, the delivery options on eBay aren’t set in stone. There are usually a variety of options available such as express delivery, standard parcel delivery and economy delivery, with click and collect also offered for larger items. However, it has always been up to the seller to dispatch the item, update the system and notify the buyer.

The new change has been met with criticism by some sellers. Many have said there isn’t enough space for buyers to leave enough feedback about the product’s delivery speed, especially as it joins a star-rating system that already allows buyers to rate the delivery.

Others have raised concerns that the new system doesn’t allow for extenuating circumstances to be considered that are outside the seller’s control, such as delays or issues with couriers. Busy periods such as Christmas and during popular online sale times like Black Friday have also caused some worry.

That said, a system such as this could improve speed and efficiency when it comes to parcel delivery and therefore boost customer satisfaction.

Robert Mead, Marketing Manager at Parcel2Go.com, believes the new feedback tool could prove to be incredibly useful for improving services to customers: “Aside from the current limitations in the feedback section, eBay are trialling a potentially great idea. Knowing that delivery could affect their seller rating even more will ensure that sellers are doing all they can to live up to the buyer’s expectations. eBay is recognising the true value of timely parcel delivery when it comes to the whole buying process, and their new system means that sellers will become more accountable for the delivery of their orders.”

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