eBay sellers could net £62,500 for £10 car boot toy

A young couple struck gold when they found a rare TY Beanie Baby worth a reported £62,500 at a car boot sale.

Leah Rogers and Ryan Flanaghan purchased the bear for a mere £10 after spotting the distinct TY collectors tag. According to the Daily Mail, Mr Flanaghan recognised the limited edition bear created in memory of Princess Diana, but did not realise it was a first edition bear.

First edition TY Beanie Baby bears are far more rare than their second edition counterparts. In fact, a second edition bear would only be worth around £20. As a first edition bear, the couple’s purchase is one of only 100 in the world.

The well preserved bear also had the original TY tag in place, which had the tell-tale poem inside: “Like an angel, she came from heaven above; She shared her compassion, her pain, her love; She only stayed with us long enough to teach; The world to share, to give, to reach.”

The bear dates back to 1997, when it was made in Indonesia. Finer details such as the tag, which mentions the Princess of Wales Memorial Fund, ensures the credibility of the item.

Since their discovery, the couple have decided to auction the bear on eBay to help raise funds for a deposit on a house. Another version of the bear is listed for £62,500 and the couple have now set a starting bid of £20,000.

Whilst auctioning an item like this on eBay opens up the potential of international buyers, shipping an item of this value requires a bit of thought.

Many eBay sellers have sent high-value goods in the past, assuming the parcel delivery service of their choice will automatically insure the contents. This is unfortunately not always the case and eBay states that it is the sole responsibility of the seller to purchase insurance.

Commenting on the situation, Rob Mead, Marketing Manager at Parcel2Go, explained why it’s always worth doing your homework before selecting a courier, especially if your items are worth so much money.

“This is the latest example of how a relatively innocuous item can fetch thousands of pounds at auction,” he remarked.

“Regardless of how much your items are worth, online sellers need to think carefully when sending goods out to customers. Make sure you’re adequately insured and always compare the best courier prices. Don’t settle for the first option you come across.”

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