eBay listing sees single woman put herself up for auction

Lois Curtis from West Sussex put the auction on eBay with the following item description: “Has been used but in pretty good condition. Good bodywork and sense of fun, just bored with the same old thing. Cooks and cleans, no warranty, fuses have been known to blow.”

Additional details include informing any potential buyers that the win would work on a collection basis only, and that there would be absolutely no returns.

The 49-year-old explained: “I want to go live in Greece, it’s always been a dream. So my friend Apostolos, who lives over there, said ‘put yourself on eBay and I will share the link’.

“I was hoping for a nice Greek, rugged, gorgeous guy – the sort all women want. A few dates, that sort of thing.”

Despite Curtis receiving interest from men all over the world including Puerto Rico and Australia, she decided to pull the ad due to being surprised at how far her “bit of fun” had gone. 

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