Do your kids need an iPad for school?


iPad kids schoolA recent survey on the spending habits of parents in the US revealed that 40% percent of them have purchased a tech item as part of their “back to school” spending, usually on a laptop or a tablet computer.

The survey involved 4450 online shoppers, so might not be representative of general shopping trends, especially in the UK, but it’s still a substantial number.

So you may be wondering whether you need to follow suit in the UK.

Will your kids lose out if they don’t have the latest technology devices to help them with their learning?

The answer here lies with the school.

While it is certainly the case that there are many schools in the  UK that use devices such as iPad’s in the classroom, these cases usually involve special projects in which the devices are specifically  incorporated into the curriculum. In these cases the devices are often purchased and owned by the school, or parents are supported in at least some of the costs of purchasing the items.

However, if there is no pre-determined role for using the devices in school, then buying an iPad, or other tablet isn’t exactly essential for your kids development in school.

Tablet computers could be a huge distraction

The big risk here for those that do invest in iPads and the like is just how much time kids will spend on them during school hours, doing non school related activities.

So, don’t be hoodwinked by your kids and guilted into buying them expensive gadgets that could distract them, especially if they don’t need it for learning.

Will you be buying your kid an iPad when the next school term begins?



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