Depop is Changing How it Handles Unsold Items


Being the hip, clever young people that they are (we assume), Depop have recently announced that they’ll be changing the way the popular app handles unsold items from inactive sellers.

It’s part of an effort to improve the purchase experience of people buying through the app. Since Depop is more Instagram than eBay, there is an issue with sellers that don’t fulfil their sales, so Depop have come up with a simple yet —hopefully — effective way of separating the wheat from the chaff.

What’s changing?


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According to an email sent around to the customer base, Depop have explained what exactly is changing on the app:

“If a seller hasn’t opened Depop for 28 days, their items will become temporarily inactive. They won’t be buyable and they won’t appear in search results.”

This all sounds a little alarming to sellers out there, but the Depop team, have reassured their users that it’s simply a way of excluding sellers who aren’t engaged with the app, and that reactivating your items is very simple:

“The items will come back on sale the moment the seller opens Depop again.”

Like we said, simple but effective.

When will this change roll out?

Depop didn’t mention a specific date for the rollout of the update but the general impression seems to be that it’ll be as soon as possible.

That means that anyone with items for sale that’s been relatively inactive should act now to ensure that their items don’t promptly disappear from the search results.

What will it look like?

Broadly, it won’t really ‘look like’ anything; in fact, it’ll be more defined by an lack of visibility if anything. Simply put, if you’re not active, you won’t show up in the listings.

Buyers that are watching your items will start seeing a message just above your items that reads, ‘This item is not for sale — inactive seller’. Depop will remove the ‘Buy’ button from your listings, too.

What do I need to do?

It’s pretty simple — just engage a little more with the app. An easy way to remind yourself is to switch on push notifications to ensure that whenever anyone asks a question about any of your items, you can respond to it quickly, all the while giving a virtual nod to Depop to say ‘Hey, I’m engaging with potential customers — don’t write me off!’

You can also help yourself out by removing items that are no longer for sale. It keeps your shop clean and improves your reputation, since you won’t be misleading potential buyers.

Looking to increase sales? Offer shipping options on your items to appeal to a broader range of users.

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