Dad-to-be writes saddest eBay listing ever

The 29-year-old from Germany wrote: “Dear bargain hunters, it is with a heavy heart that I have to put my hot and much loved Opel Tigra up for sale as a result of the fact that two months ago my missus came back with a positive pregnancy test.”

However, it’s not all bad news for Demirhan – as Opel has since sent him a new car after the listing went viral.

Additionally, a publishing house has also contacted Demirhan (who himself is an aspiring writer) offering him the opportunity to write his memoirs.

Demirhan explained that he wasn’t selling the car because he wanted to, but because he was pushed to do so – turning into a story many could identify with.

“I just tried to describe how great the car was, and how many nice memories I associated with it, and show the buyer the Tigra’s sentimental value and my close relationship with it,” he said.

“I think that just lots of readers were able to identify with us (Demirhan and his girlfriend). Almost everyone drives a car and has a girlfriend.

“The problems we have in our relationships are almost the same: men and cars, women and shoes,” he added. 

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