Could Apple be working on a new iPhone, and updating iOS? We sure hope so!


There has been a lot of hype this week surrounding rumours that Apple is to launch a new iPhone, and a new iOS operating system.

Is there any truth in this though?

The likely answer is yes!

It would be a natural step for Apple to improve on its already hugely popular smartphone and software package.

These rumours began after traces of the new hardware and software began to show on app usage logs, suggesting that somebody was checking both hardware and software for compatibility issues.

During usage and testing, the new iPhone 5 is identified as either “iPhone 5.1” or “5.2” on app logs. Yet, new identifiers have begun to appear on logs, in the form of “iPhone 6.1”.

Combined with the iPhones incredibly short shelf life, it is highly probably that Apple is planning on releasing a new model sometime in the summer.

Another major clue to the development of a new phone and operating system is the IP address that was used to carry out the testing of some apps.

Low and behold, the source of the tests was Apple’s Servers based in Cupertino, California.

There we have it, case closed.

One thing we cannot take from developer logs is any new features of the hardware or software being tested, but given Apple’s track record, it’s likely to be much bigger, and a whole lot better than its predecessors.

Rumours on the grapevine predict that we will be seeing iOS 7 later this year.

What are your thoughts? Do we need another iPhone so soon, and what improvements to the software would you like to see?



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