British Online Retailers Benefit from China Spending Boom

A new report has revealed that online shoppers in China have expanded their shopping habits to more than 100 countries and regions across the world in the past decade alone.

According to news website AsiaOne, the figures published in The Ten-Year Report on Online Shopping Overseas by, China’s largest shopping website, reveal how the habits of Chinese online shoppers have changed since 2005.

In the earlier years of the report, Chinese consumers appeared to prefer to shop on websites based in countries such as Macao and Hong Kong. The more recent figures, however, show a shift towards a wider range of countries, including the UK, North America, Japan, South Korea and South Africa.

Other favourite locations included European nations such as Denmark, France and Germany, and countries like Australia and Taiwan.

The report also showed how much online shopping has taken off in China, with the year 2015 experiencing exponential growth in online sales. This year new buyers accounted for 28% of sales, a figure significantly higher than in previous years.

A metadata analysis within the report showed how shopping habits varied between people, for example, those who were new to online shopping appeared to prefer to shop for cosmetics, whereas those who were more experienced opted for food products. Mothers were shown to be the most active type of online shoppers, with nearly half of the products that were bought most frequently online being baby formula and other baby products.

A further report by MasterCard has shown that mobile shopping apps have contributed to the online shopping boom in Asia. The MasterCard Mobile Shopping Survey, conducted between October and November 2014, found that a third of smartphone users in Singapore used apps to make a purchase online in 2014.

49.5% of respondents across the Asia-Pacific region chose convenience, 43.9% liked that mobile apps allowed them to shop on the move and 39.5% of survey respondents found that the growing availability of apps made it far easier for them to conduct their shopping online.

Robert Mead, Marketing Manager at, believes opportunities abound for British retailers that are looking to make inroads into lucrative Asian markets: “These reports highlight the fact that there is a huge market out there for British online retailers, but in order to make the most of this, it is essential that both the website and parcel delivery service offered by companies are up to scratch.

“Websites should be both easy-to-use and mobile-friendly, and now more than ever it is essential to have a reliable yet cost-effective international parcel delivery service that will ensure a customer’s order arrives safely, without costing the retailer a small fortune in postage.”

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