Black Friday to See Online Demand Quadruple in 2015

New research commissioned by Yodel has suggested that four times as many people will shop online in this year’s ‘Black Friday’ compared to last year.

The survey, which was conducted by eDigital Research, spoke to 6,371 people and found that 30% of them were planning on shopping online on 27th November. This is a dramatic increase when compared to only 8% of respondents who bought something on Black Friday in 2014.

Dick Stead, Executive Chairman at Yodel, commented on the survey: “2014 was the year that online Christmas shopping in the UK changed forever, with retail websites crashing, warehouses straining and the majority of carriers struggling to cope with unforecast volumes. Our research shows that 2015 is set to break the mould once again, with nearly four times as many people planning to take advantage of the Black Friday online promotions.”

The research also showed that it was younger shoppers who were more likely to take part in Black Friday online shopping, with 39% of 18 to 24-year-olds saying they would purchase, with only 18% of over 65s saying the same.

With retailers already starting to prepare for the festive season, being able to cope with increased shopper numbers and handling subsequent deliveries is certainly something to consider. However, 76% of shoppers surveyed said that they would be happy to wait longer than usual for their deliveries to arrive; with 28% saying an additional two days and 27% suggesting that an extra three days would be bearable.

21% of respondents said that they would only be prepared to wait one day with 13% saying they wouldn’t want to wait at all. Of those who would not wait any longer, 44% would be prepared to pay for next-day delivery.

Commenting on the subject of delivery during the Black Friday sales, Mr Stead said: “It’s reassuring that the majority of consumers are telling us that they are prepared to wait a little longer for their delivery during peak promotions.”

There is little doubt that Black Friday will be an extremely busy day for both traditional high street stores and online retailers, but Robert Mead, Marketing Manager at, believes it is all about clear communication, managing customer expectations and ensuring that delivery services are as slick and reliable as possible.

“Retailers must stress as early as possible that they may have to wait longer than usual for their deliveries, usually in the form of a notification on the checkout page. That way the customer knows exactly what to expect. Another smart option is to offer faster delivery for those who wish to receive their sale items quicker, but it is important to ensure that all ordered items are shipped out to customers on time,” he commented.

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