Audi plots new ‘car boot’ parcel delivery service

A pilot project involving Audi, DHL Parcel and Amazon Prime will allow customers to have parcels delivered straight to their car.

With the use of GPS tracking technology and a one-off code, the delivery service DHL will have access to select car models for dropping off items bought online. The new, futuristic courier service means that parcels can be delivered to the boot of the car without the need for drivers to be present.

The trial run begins in Germany next month and offers an alternative for those who aren’t at home to receive deliveries when they need them.

Audi owners will need to agree to have their car tracked during a defined time period, so that the delivery van can find them if they’re on the move.

The ‘Audi Connect Easy Delivery’ trial gives couriers keyless access to the vehicle, using a special code which expires as soon as the boot is closed again. This has, however, prompted fears over security.

Whilst the code gives them access to the boot only, worries arise for those who may keep personal belongings in their boot and, of course, the security of data recorded whilst your car is being tracked.

Dr Ulrich Hackenberg, Member of the Board of Management for Technical Development at AUDI AG, addressed the concerns over security: “As with all of our connect services, the security of the car and of customer data has top priority for Audi.

“For us, Vorsprung durch Technik also means Audi customers should be able to use these kinds of innovative services with peace of mind and therefore enjoy true added value.”

A safe and secure delivery of your parcel should always be top priority for couriers and customers alike, and it’s inevitable that some people will be wary of revolutionary schemes until they have been bedded in.

Rob Mead, Marketing Manager at, remarked: “Whilst this offers an interesting alternative for those who can’t always be around to collect parcels, it does provoke a lot of questions regarding the safety of your car and the privacy of your personal information.

“We’re always excited by new services to offer customers, but at this stage drop-off stations provide a great alternative for those who cannot be around when the courier comes knocking. Getting a parcel delivered to your local convenience store or even to your office can offer the same freedom without you having to worry about a stranger gaining access to your car boot.

“You’ll know exactly who’s responsible for taking care of your belongings and you’ll be able to pick up the goods at a time that’s convenient for you.”

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