Apple Ramps Up Online Retail Efforts By Recruiting Former Delta VP



A new hire has been celebrated by Apple, after the software giant named Bob Kupbens as the company’s new Vice President of Online Retail.

According to his LinkedIn page, his job title now reads as ‘VP, Apple Online Retail’. Previously working for Delta as Vice President of Marketing, he was responsible for bolstering the airline’s marketing and digital commerce strategies where prior to this role, spearheaded the e-commerce movement at retail powerhouse, Target.

Moving to one of the world’s most renowned brands will sit well with Kupbens, after his notable talk on the significance of “love brands” at the 2013 Ad Age Digital Conference – where he explained how consumers can only really love five brands (and jokingly compared customer loyalty between retailers and airlines).

“I used to work at Target and when you went to a cocktail party and you told people that you worked at Target, you know what they’d say?” Kupbens asked.

“’I love Target! I’ll give you a big hug!’ You know what people say when you tell them at a cocktail party that you work at Delta? ‘I hate you! You lost my bag! You had me on the tarmac for seven hours. I’m going to kill you!’ It’s different when you work for a love brand.”

His new role will see Kupbens report to former Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts, who was appointed in October by Apple as senior VP-sales and online retail – a position created by Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook.

Neither Apple nor Delta Air Lines have so far commented on the developments by Mr Kupbens.



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