Amazon testing drone delivery technology in secret Canadian location

Spokeswoman Kristen Kish explained that the online retailer has set up a number of testing sites outside of the US, including a location in rural British Columbia – in a bid to evade the strict guidelines imposed by the Federal Aviation Authority.

According to CTV News, Transport Canada issued Amazon with a one-year drone operating certificate last December, with specific limitations implemented as part of an effort to ensure public safety.

Details in the Special Flight Operations Certificate highlight “maximum altitudes, minimum distances from people and property, operating areas, and coordination requirements with air traffic services” for Amazon’s testing programme.

“We think that this new technology will provide huge benefits for our customers, who we think will love it, and for society more broadly,” explained Paul Misener, Amazon’s vice-president for global public policy. “Why would we wait?”

Image credit: mailfor, iStock, Thinkstock 

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