Amazon Offers One-Hour Delivery in London

Amazon have launched their one-hour delivery service in London, which offers super-speedy delivery on certain items to customers living in eastern and central areas of the capital.

The new service in London, called Prime Now, will mark the first time the scheme has been trialled outside of the United States and allows those who are members of Amazon Prime to have their items delivered to an address of their choice in just one hour. Customers wishing to receive their orders in 60 minutes must spend a minimum of £20 and then pay a £6.99 delivery charge. Amazon are also offering a free same-day delivery option, which sees goods delivered in a two-hour window later in the day.

Prime Now is currently restricted to delivering items between 8am and midnight, and is only available to certain parts of Zone 1, with North, South and West London currently not included. Customers can check on the Amazon website to see if their postcode will be covered by Prime Now, but it is likely that the retail giant will be rolling out the service to the rest of London and other areas of the UK soon.

Customers can place orders from their mobile phone using Prime Now, which also allows them to check if orders can be made in their area, as well as following the progress of the driver through tracking.

Deliveries to four postcodes of east London and the majority of central London are currently being made from the fulfilment centre in Abbey Mills, Tower Hamlets. An expansion of the service will likely see more centres dotted around London before it moves out across the country. However Prime Now has only been made possible thanks to the Amazon Logistics arm, which linked up with local independent delivery companies earlier this year.

Amazon launched the Prime Now service in the United States earlier in the year, starting with Manhattan, before it rolled out to other major cities such as Miami, Baltimore, Atlanta, Dallas and Austin.

During its expansion across and out of the United States, Prime Now has broadened its service from one that focuses on groceries and small household “essentials” such as cleaning products, to a large selection of Amazon’s offerings, including CDs, larger household appliances and even games consoles.

Rob Mead, Marketing Manager at, said the launch of Prime Now in parts of London highlighted Amazon’s continued commitment to their customers: “Amazon have a great reputation already for stocking a huge range of items and getting them to the recipient’s door quickly. The innovative thinking of Prime Now and futuristic plans to introduce delivery drones show how Amazon want to continue to excel when it comes to keeping their customers happy.

“It will be interesting to see how other retailers and parcel delivery companies work in the future to make same-day delivery become a widespread success.”

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