A young job hunter has listed himself on eBay in a bid to find work

Mr Burchfield left school with eight GCSEs and later had a cleaning job for one year, he also has experience in gardening and cleaning and has completed a 12 week Prince’s Trust course.

On the site, Mr Burchfield claims he can cook, clean and cut hair and even has his own hazmat protective suit and mask for the removal of hazardous materials.

After  applying for over 50 jobs and receiving no response, it seemed that Mr Burchfield wanted to try a new approach as he did not want to claim benefits.

Mr Burchfield said: “I will do anything I can to improve my CV. I just want to make the most of what is out there. I left education with just GCSEs so I thought I should get experience in anything I can to prove myself. I suppose this is a last resort.”

The 20 year old also said he would be happy to move anywhere as he would like to see the country. 

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